About us



EESoft Technologies has some of the finest minds in the IT industry. We are a business and technology service company developing business Solutions. Our team follows a style that generates measurable Return on Investment for our customers. We understand that leading companies worldwide need to maintain and stay ahead, and by reducing time to market, we reduce costs, and provide high solutions that are reliable and innovative.

EESoft Technologies have expertise in delivering best-in-class software services across a wide spectrum of domains. We provide software solutions utilizing onsite/offshore models services.
Unlike most onshore/offshore providers, our business is based on client relationships that are driven by value and shared goals. We act as your partner in delivering real world business and IT solutions to your real world business problems.


We are committed to create mutually beneficial systems for our customers by breaking through barriers and creating user-friendly solutions.

  • Building partnerships with our clients.
  • Adapting and continuously improvising upon our software development practices and processes.
  • Continually training our team to address the evolution of software development processes.
  • Using only domain and technology experts.
  • Knowing how to turn our clients' goals into reality.
  • Being able to quickly ramp up a team with the necessary competencies to get you to market fast.

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